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Response: We thank the commenters for their comments. We summarize and respond to specific recommendations later in this preamble. § 423.564
Changes in the BBA of 2018 b. Removing the introductory text; and Above $320,000 Site login required.  Comment: Some commenters recommended a predictable gold standard be established for determining meaningful improvement as a set percentage reduction of a sub-optimal measure rate. The commenters believe this approach would result in a more tailored approach of meaningful improvement per contract and recognize the natural concept of diminishing returns. For example, if a 5 percent reduction in the sub-optimal rate was classified as meaningful, an increase of 1 percent for a contract whose rate was 80 percent in year 1 would be a meaningful improvement (1/(100 − 80) or 5 percent) while a contract with a rate of 60 percent in year 1 would need an increase in their rate of 2 percent (an increase to 62 percent) for a 5 percent reduction which would be classified as a meaningful reduction in their suboptimal rate (2/(100 − 60) or 5 percent).
Office and Administrative Support Workers, All Other 43-9199 17.33 17.33 34.66 When Mr. Dobson became eligible for Medicare Part D, his plan denied coverage because his particular use of Dronabinol is not FDA-approved.  However, the Part D plan should cover the medication because Mr. Dobson’s use of the drug is supported by one of the “compendia” (DRUGDEX) of medically-accepted indications listed in the Medicare law. Medicare looks to the compendia for acceptable off-label uses of medications, and the symptoms of nausea and vomiting are listed in an entry for Dronabinol.  The plaintiff’s position is strongly supported by a recent federal decision granting Part D coverage of the same medication for a beneficiary with very similar symptoms (Tangney v. Burwell, 186 F. Supp. 3d 45 (D. Mass. 2016)).  In spite of this, Mr. Dobson was denied coverage at each level of administrative review.  In appealing his claim to federal court, we will contest the agency’s use of an inappropriately restrictive reading of the law to claim that coverage cannot be granted.  The goal is to get Mr. Dobson the medication he desperately needs, and help ensure appropriate application of the law governing off label uses in other cases.
CSG API Documentation Similar Treatment of Biosimilar and Interchangeable Biological Products and Generic Drugs for Purposes of LIS Cost Sharing § 423.4 10 11 12 13 14 60
Response: We did not propose to change our existing policy that requires multiple fills to provide for up to a full transition supply, and we therefore decline to adopt such a change in this final rule.
Extended Medicare Provisions Proprietary Education, Board of Member Complaints and Changes in the Drug Plan’s Performance. High school sports hubs
Will Medicare Pay for Assisted Living? This is done through the State’s Department of Health website.  You can search by city, county or enter a specific facility name to find out what type of funding they accept:
Response: We believe that the 60 day notification period (as mentioned above) will provide ample time for a patient to seek care from another prescriber. You may also go to
Standards for Part D Sponsor communications and marketing. Surplus line insurance Comment: Many commenters supported an expansion of the measure-level hold harmless provision for a contract that receives 4 or more stars in each of the two-years for a measure. Some commenters noted the lack of alignment between the highly-rated contracts’ hold harmless provision for the application of the improvement measure(s) for the identification of a contract’s highest rating at § 422.166(g)(1) and § 423.186(g)(1) and the measure-level hold harmless provision at (§ 422.164(f)(3) and § 423.184(f)(3).
World law Become a Podder™ Comment: Several commenters urged the development of geographic and/or provider market characteristic adjusters in order to normalize variations outside plans’ control. Some stated such adjustments would specifically prevent measure bias against state-contracted SNPs.
Comment: We received a comment requesting that a plan sponsor be able to communicate to CMS if no prescriber will verify that the beneficiary is at-risk.
After consideration of the public comments received, we are finalizing § 423.505(b)(18)(i) as proposed and finalizing a change to § 423.505(b)(18)(ii) by deleting “2 business days” and replacing it with “7 business days.”
$147 per year in 2014 Metrics We proposed at § 422.208(f)(2)(iii)(A) that Table 1 be used to determine the maximum attachment point/maximum deductible for per-patient-combined stop-loss insurance coverage that must be provided for 90 percent of the costs Start Printed Page 16680above the deductible or an actuarial equivalent deductible limit can be determined. The methodology for developing the table was described in proposed § 422.208(f)(2)(iv). For panel sizes that fall between the table values, proposed § 422.208(f)(2)(iii)(A) directed use of linear interpolation to identify the required deductible. In addition, our proposed § 422.208(f)(2)(iii)(B) provided for use of Table 1 when using non-risk patients equivalents in determining the panel size.
Child Protection You’re in the U.S. when you have a medical emergency. If a foreign hospital is closer or easier to get to than the nearest U.S. hospital that can treat your emergency, Medicare may pay for the services.
Need a lawyer? Start here. Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) may cover qualifying stays in a skilled nursing facility if you are discharged to one immediately following an eligible inpatient hospital stay. A skilled nursing facility differs from an assisted living facility in that it provides a higher level of health-care services, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) publication Medline Plus. Skilled nursing facility care might include nursing, physical, respiratory, and occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, medication management, and dietary and nutritional counseling. Part A benefits are limited to a certain number of days per benefit period and subject to requirements of medical necessity; your health-care provider will help you decide if a skilled nursing facility is an option for you or your loved one.
to allow practitioners to choose to document office/outpatient E/M visits using medical decision-making or time instead of applying the current 1995 or 1997 E/M documentation guidelines, or alternatively practitioners could continue using the current framework;
Small Medium Large “Stay calm. Check your mail,” said Jim Schowalter, chief executive of the Minnesota Council of Health Plans, a trade group. “Set aside some time this fall to look at your options.”
Hearing Loss Hearing Loss Help Advantages Medicare Supplement Company Recommendations
Videos Affordable Housing c. Basis, Purpose and Applicability of the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan Quality Rating System We noted that our proposed implementation of the statutory requirements for the initial notice will permit the notice also to be used when the sponsor intends to implement a beneficiary-specific POS claim edit for frequently abused drugs.
Hospitals (ix) Drug Management Program Appeals (§§ 423.558, 423.560, 423.562, 423.564, 423.580, 423.582, 423.584, 423.590, 423.602, 423.636, 423.638, 423.1970, 423.2018, 423.2020, 423.2022, 423.2032, 423.2036, 423.2038, 423.2046, 423.2056, 423.2062, 423.2122, and 423.2126)
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Instant Quotes & Purchase *Medscape Business of Medicine Academy Survey, September 2015 Share You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.
In the proposed rule, CMS explained that it would want to change the MOOP limits if a consistent pattern of increasing or decreasing costs emerges over time. CMS also summarized how stakeholders have suggested changes to how CMS establishes MOOP limits, including suggestions to use the most appropriate data to inform its decision-making, increase the MOOP limits and the number of service categories that have higher cost sharing in return for a plan offering a lower MOOP limit, and implement different levels of MOOP and service category cost sharing standards to encourage plan offerings with lower MOOP limits.
CCRCs Response: We thank those commenters who agreed with our proposals to require two notices and to integrate existing OMS process into a uniform process for all drug management program restrictions. While we appreciate the concerns expressed by commenters who do not agree with our proposal, as we noted in the proposed rule, the statute at § 1860D-4(c)(5)(B) clearly requires written beneficiary notification both upon identification as a potential at-risk beneficiary and again when the plan determines the beneficiary is at risk. We do not agree that additional notices beyond what we proposed should be required, as it would be overly burdensome on plans and provide little value to beneficiaries.
Call toll-free or View Plans and Pricing to find an AARP Medicare Supplement Plan that’s right for you. Flights >
e. Proposed Technical Changes to Medicare MLR Review and Non-Compliance and the Release of MLR Data (§§ 422.2410, 422.2480, 422.2490, 423.2410, 423.2480, and 423.2490)
  Foreign language testing was never intended to be proportionate to the demographics of any contract. Plan sponsors are required to provide an interpreter for any caller speaking a foreign language, and CMS seeks to ensure that more vulnerable populations have equal access to interpreters. Rather than test all foreign languages which would be overly burdensome and costly, CMS selects 6 foreign languages from among the top 10 most frequently spoken languages in the U.S., according to the Office for Civil Rights (which makes its selections from U.S. Census Data). The number of calls by foreign language is equally divided and randomly assigned to each call center across the biweekly calling schedule. The number received by the call center is dependent upon each call successfully reaching the call center (for example, disconnects in an IVR or other factors will impact the ability of the call to reach a representative). Internal analysis across all plans shows that the methodology is sound and CMS has confidence in the data.
Phone Directory In the proposed rule, we also explained how we currently review measures continually to ensure that the measure remains sufficiently reliable such that it is appropriate to continue use of the measure in the Star Ratings. We proposed, at paragraph (e)(1)(ii), authority to subregulatorily remove measures that show low statistical reliability so as to move swiftly to ensure the validity and reliability of the Star Ratings, even at the measure level. We explained that we would continue to analyze measures to determine if measure scores are “topped out” (that is, showing high performance across all contracts decreasing the variability across contracts and making the measure unreliable) so as to inform our decision that the measure has low reliability. Although some measures may show uniform high performance across contracts and little variation between them, we noted we seek evidence of the stability of such high performance, and we noted we want to balance how critical the measures are to improving care, the importance of not creating incentives for a decline in performance after the measures transition out of the Star Ratings, and the availability of alternative related measures. If, for example, performance in a given measure has just improved across all contracts, or if no other measures capture a key focus in Star Ratings, a “topped out” measure with lower reliability may be retained in Star Ratings. Under our proposal to be codified at paragraph (e)(2), we would announce application of this rule through the Call Letter in advance of the measurement period. Below, we summarize the comments we received on adding, updating, and removing measures, and provide our responses and final decisions.
d. In paragraph (b)(5)(i) introductory text, by removing the figure “60” and adding in its place the figure “30” and by adding the phrase “(for purposes of this paragraph (b)(5) these entities are referred to as “CMS and other specified entities”) after the word “pharmacists”;
Jensen TS1, Jacques LB. This official government booklet explains coverage under the Original Medicare Plan.
Guralnik JM, Alecxih Lisa, Branch Laurence G, Weiner JM. “Medical and Long-Term Care Costs When Older Persons Become Dependent.” American Journal of Public Health. 2002;98(8):1244–5. [PMC free article] [PubMed]
For covered Part D drugs above the out-of-pocket limit (under § 423.104(d)(5)(iii)) in 2006, copayments not to exceed $2 for a generic drug, biological product for which an application under section 351(k) of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 262(k)) is approved, or preferred drugs that are multiple source drugs (as defined under section 1927(k)(7)(A)(i) of the Act) and $5 for any other drug. For years beginning in 2007, the amounts specified in section (b)(3) for the previous years increased by the annual percentage increase in average per capita aggregate expenditures for covered Part D drugs, rounded to the nearest multiple of 5 cents, respectively.
Universal Life Insurance Monthly Premium This link is being made available so that you have an opportunity to obtain information from the third party on its website. It is provided as a convenience and not as an endorsement of the content of the third party site or any products or services offered on that site. We do not take responsibility for the products or services offered or the content on any linked site or any link contained in a linked site.

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**Note: If you need to have a colonoscopy as a result of another type of screening test being positive (abnormal), this is considered a diagnostic (not screening) colonoscopy, so you might have to pay some of the costs, such as those listed above.
PUBLIC COMMENTS TOOL (16) Clinical guidelines. Potential at-risk beneficiaries and at-risk beneficiaries are identified by CMS or a Part D sponsor using clinical guidelines that —
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    For home-based palliative care programs, start building new capabilities that can position you as a good partner to MA or any other risk-bearing entity. Programs that have relied on Part B billing will need a different staffing and delivery model to provide reliable, timely, and efficient services for MA members as a supplemental benefit. Partnering with MA plans requires other competencies as well, including: pricing your services, negotiating a contract, and building relationships with payers; enrolling patients who have not been referred by their treating clinicians; and risk-stratifying and “dosing” of palliative care interventions. Programs can learn more about how to adapt their programs for success under risk-bearing models by participating in the CAPC Payment Accelerator on November 7, 2018.
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    (5) Election. An individual who requests seamless continuation of coverage as described in paragraph (d)(1) of this section may complete a simplified election, in a form and manner approved by CMS that meets the requirements in § 422.60(c)(1).
    Comment: Many commenters expressed support for CMS’ proposal for a limited expansion of the current passive enrollment authority in order to promote continued enrollment of dually eligible beneficiaries in integrated D-SNPs, preserve and promote care integration, and limit disruptions in care under certain circumstances. Several commenters supported CMS’ goal of care continuity while expressing their belief that the best way to empower beneficiaries is through mechanisms where beneficiaries opt in to integrated care. A commenter requested that CMS consider how passive enrollment of beneficiaries from an existing integrated D-SNP into another integrated D-SNP could create disruptions in care. A few commenters opposed our passive enrollment proposal due to concerns that passive enrollment limits beneficiary choice and erodes the role of competition in the marketplace. A commenter suggested that a better alternative for beneficiaries in integrated D-SNPs that are non-renewing is for them to revert to FFS Medicare. Another commenter noted that passive enrollment in other Start Printed Page 16503circumstances has proven to be too confusing for dually eligible beneficiaries.

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    Gracie applies for a Plan F Medigap and the insurance company approves her. The following year she sees an orthopedic specialist about problems with her knee. Medicare pays 80% of the cost of this visit to her specialist. Plan F covers the other 20% owed under Part B. Gracie owes nothing.
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    The 2019 Part D rule gives a boost to medication therapy management (MTM) programs—which promote therapy adherence and lower patient costs generally, both for plans and Medicare—by affirming that MTM programs qualify as quality improvement programs, which then allows a Part D plan to include the costs of the program in the numerator of its medical loss ratio (MLR) calculation. Companies are required to keep MLRs above a certain percentage by maximizing what they spend on patient care versus administrative expenses. All Part D plans already are required to have MTM programs in place, but the CMS rules give plans leeway as to how aggressive to be in finding potential enrollees by, in one instance, fulfilling an obligation to conduct comprehensive medical reviews for plan members meeting certain criteria, criteria the plans establish within certain prescribed bounds. Generally, these MTM plans vary widely as to their reach and effectiveness and to the extent they are underutilized, which is the CMS’ contention, that has to do with their cost Medicare says in the final rule “we have expressed concern that Part D sponsors may be restricting MTM eligibility criteria to limit the number of qualified enrollees.”

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    Second, we proposed, in paragraph (b) of these sections, that CMS would review the quality of the data on which performance, scoring, and rating of measures is done each year. We proposed to continue our current practice of reviewing data quality across all measures, variation among organizations and sponsors, and measures’ accuracy, reliability, and validity before making a final determination about inclusion of measures in the Star Ratings. We explained that this rule was designed to ensure that Star Ratings measures accurately measure true plan performance. If a systemic data quality issue is identified during the calculation of the Star Ratings, paragraph (b) would authorize CMS to remove the measure from that year’s rating.
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  4. Doctors and other providers who accept assignment agree to accept the Medicare-approved amount for a service. Providers who do not accept assignment may charge you a 15% surcharge. You would be responsible for paying the surcharge (or limiting charge) as well as any copayments.
    120. Section 460.68 is amended by removing paragraph (a)(4).
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    Comment: A commenter inquired about the future use of the stratified measures proposed by PQA and NCQA.
    Rob: I’m 68 years old. Since age 65, I have been covered by my federal government-employed spouse’s federal plan. Its drug coverage has been deemed credible, which I understand to mean that I do not have to get a Part D drug plan. My spouse is retiring this month and will have a retirement package that continues to provide my health insurance. However, I’ve signed an agreement to waive all benefits if she dies before me. Do I need to enroll now in Medicare Part D to avoid lifetime late-enrollment penalties were she to predecease me and I wanted to enroll Part D at that point?
    Response: Yes, under this flexibility, a plan may reduce cost sharing for certain high-quality providers to members with a specified health status or disease state. MA plans may identify high-value providers across all Medicare provider types. This can include physicians and practices, hospitals, Start Printed Page 16484skilled-nursing facilities, home health agencies, ambulatory surgical centers, etc.

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    In this proposed rule, we solicited comment on potential policy approaches for applying some manufacturer rebates and all pharmacy price concessions to drug prices at point of sale under Part D. We received over 1,400 responses to this request for information. We thank the commenters for the thought, time, and effort that went into developing these detailed responses. We will carefully review all input received from stakeholders as we continue our efforts to meaningfully address rising prescription drug costs for beneficiaries.
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    Normal or other Medicare coverage criteria also applies to the services you get in foreign settings.
    (2) If such a substitution should occur, affected enrollees will receive direct notice including information on the specific drugs involved and steps they may take to request coverage determinations and exceptions under §§ 423.566 and 423.578; and
    If you become eligible for Medicaid, you may ask that your Medicare supplement benefits and premiums be suspended up to two years. You must notify your company within 90 days of becoming eligible. If you lose your Medicaid eligibility, the policy will automatically be reinstated.
    We did not receive comments on the burden estimates associated with this proposal. We did receive comments on the substantive proposal, which we address in this final rule. As indicated in the preamble to this final rule, we are finalizing the proposed changes with the following modifications, none of which we believe will result in any impact to the Medicare Trust Funds.Start Printed Page 16711
    14. ICRs Regarding Medical Loss Ratio Reporting Requirements (§§ 422.2460 and 423.2460)

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    If you end up in the hospital, make sure you know whether you have been admitted or are there for observation. It can make a big difference in what Medicare pays for if your after-care involves skilled nursing.
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    Beneficiaries will pay the same or less out of pocket in instances in which enrollees pay a set copay because § 423.120(b)(5)(iv)(A) would require that a generic drug appear on the same or a less costly tier than the brand name drug it replaces. In contrast, in cases of coinsurance, the amount paid out of pocket by an enrollee for a generic drug theoretically could increase if the negotiated price for the generic drug is more than the brand name drug. But, although generics might initially have negotiated prices that are not much lower than the brand name drug, we are not aware of situations in which such generic drugs actually have higher negotiated prices. Therefore, with the exception of the defined standard cost sharing in the coverage gap in 2019, we do not believe beneficiaries will pay higher cost sharing for these generic substitutions.
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