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  1. Independent Payment Advisory Board
    We received no comments on our regulatory impact analysis and are finalizing this provision.
    Don’t Miss Out on Preventive Care
    In smaller facilities, staff may be unable to prevent episodes of illness. However, they may know their residents better than staff in larger facilities know their residents. This may allow staff in smaller facilities to identify changes that reflect the onset of an illness more quickly than staff in larger facilities. By noting the onset of conditions earlier, they may reduce the overall cost of treating an illness. It is important to remember that often the onset of illness in the elderly is heralded by observable symptoms such as confusion, incontinence, or functional decline. These are symptoms easily recognized even by AL staff, almost all of whom lack formal medical training.
    § 460.68

  2. Genomes & Maps
    Response: We plan to make the preclusion list a cumulative file that will contain periods for which claims should be denied, meaning the list will contain start and end dates for preclusion periods. Accordingly, we believe that referring back to archived files will not be necessary.
    Open Enrollment for People Age 65 and Older
    The initial enrollment period is the ideal time to decide if you prefer Original Medicare, Part D prescription drug coverage or a Medicare Advantage Plan. The SSA provides more information online including online application if you prefer to complete the initial application online instead of in-person.
    (1) The plan sponsor determines at the end of the one year period that there is a clinical basis to extend the limitation;

  3. Inpatient respite care (to provide relief for the person who normally provides care–five day maximum stay)
    screening for cancer, depression, and diabetes
    About NCBI
    Y0001_4006_10829 Approved 10/27/2017
    While enrolling such prescribers and providers gives Medicare a greater degree of scrutiny in determining a prescriber’s or provider’s qualifications, we note that the perceived burden associated with this process could cause some prescribers and providers not to enroll in Medicare, thus possibly leading to access to care issues. For instance, according to a CMS analysis of prescriber enrollment trends, as of January 2017 there are close to 340,000 active Part D prescribers based on 2016 PDE data who are not enrolled in or opted-out of Medicare. The number of prescribers who are unenrolled constitutes an estimated 25 percent of all identified Medicare prescribers nationwide in 2016. Further data suggests that an additional 18,000 new non-enrolled prescribers are identified each month. This amount of incoming prescribers, coupled with the 120,000 unenrolled MA providers referenced above, creates operational challenges that have led to delays in CMS’ implementation of such an enrollment requirement.
    Private Funds for Assisted Living

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