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  1. 47. Section 422.2268 is amended by:
    Behavioral Competencies
    Voices of HCA
    Jun. 23
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    § 422.166
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    Medicare Options
    ++ Confirms that the NPI is active and valid or corrects the NPI, the sponsor must pay the claim if it is otherwise payable; or
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  2. ++ Have engaged in behavior for which CMS could have revoked the prescriber to the extent applicable if he or she had been enrolled in Medicare, and CMS determines that the underlying conduct that would have led to the revocation is detrimental to the best interests of the Medicare program.
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  3. Public Part C Medicare Advantage and other Part C health plans are required to offer coverage that meets or exceeds the standards set by Original Medicare but they do not have to cover every benefit in the same way. After approval by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, if a Part C plan chooses to pay less than Original Medicare for some benefits, such as Skilled Nursing Facility care, the savings may be passed along to consumers by offering even lower co-payments for doctor visits.
    Adding up the cost of Medicare
    Baltimore, MD

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